Favourite Things #8; Old Buildings

Cue is a century-old mining town in Western Australia’s Murchison Goldfields.

This ruin is of the original Cue hospital.

Replaced by modern facilities in the centre of town, what has not been replaced are the stories these old walls could tell.

I love old buildings and their histories.

7 responses to “Favourite Things #8; Old Buildings

  1. I enjoy old buildings, as well. I want to know their story. Who lived there? What was their life like. This one surely has an interesting story.


  2. If I remember rightly there was a massive outbreak of Typhoid Fever on the goldfields at Cue … many thousands of people affected and many, many deaths. This would have been the only hospital for hundreds of miles, so it would have been very busy. Probably manned by 4 or 5 women who had some nursing experience. Maybe if they were very lucky there would have been a couple of doctors as well. No Flying Doctor in those days in the late 1890’s or early 1900’s.


  3. Hi Archie!

    After a personal hiccup last week, I’m back hosting Fav. Things.
    I too love old building, my cities is full of them & I frequently post photo’s & histories on my blog.
    TY for continuing to participate.



  4. I love old buildings. Thankfully there are protection and preservation orders in operation within our village, so original features and heritage have to be upheld and retained.


  5. Me too! (perhaps that’s why i love old archie)


  6. Old buildings are fascinating, that’s for sure. I wonder what happened to the one in your photo. Maybe a fire?


  7. I love old buildings, too, but almost as much I enjoy a well turned phrase and “what has not been replaced are the stories these old walls could tell” is nicely done!


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