Friday’s Feathers #16; Rainbow Bee Eater

Sudden flashes of green and orange brighten the dusty landscape of this desert.

Sitting for a short while on branches or power lines these insect-eaters look for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The memory of the flash of emerald green that catches your attention as it perches is washed away as it spots its prey and swoops with the bright orange beneath its wings providing the colour.

Then, happy with the first part of its meal, it waits hopefully for another flying insect to catch its eye.

Sometimes you can catch them showing orange even when they are perched. When the sun is right and the wind ruffles their feathers. This last is a male because the streamers from its tail are longer and finer than those in the first three images.

12 responses to “Friday’s Feathers #16; Rainbow Bee Eater

  1. I forgot to say what a lovely little bird that bee eater is! I wish I could survive the plane flight to Oz. I’d love to hire you as a tour guide to show Denis and me your off-the-beaten paths.


  2. What a great shot of the bird he is beautiful


  3. I was just bemoaning the fact that all the birds in my neck of the woods are uninteresting sparrows and crows. And I can’t get to the places the pretty jays and cardinals live. Hard to believe jays and crows are in the same family. Until one of them steals your sandwich right out of your hand.


  4. brilliant captures!

    Want to see how the Mumbai sky looked this morning at 0644hrs? Click here


  5. beautiful orange. bet azahar likes this shot too


  6. How did you guess, nursemyra! 🙂

    I was just about to comment on the fabulous orange but you beat me to it.

    Also very good ‘caught in flight’ shot, Archie.


  7. Love your Rainbow Bee-eaters, I saw them once near Hidden Valley north of Townsville, and never forgot the sight. Imagine my surprise when I spotted one on our farm at Mt.Pleasant SA! Unfortunately I’ve not seen one since, so thanks for sharing.


  8. This bird is exquisite


  9. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. What would be really great is if some more people began sharing their birds – hint hint.

    Cathy, it would be fun to do a travel with you and Denis.

    ariji, What birds do you have in Mt Pleasant?


  10. well I could put up more photos of Woody but s/he’s pulled out all his/her feathers again and looks like a lame chick….


  11. Awww, you could use him/her as a ‘orrible example to the other birds 🙂


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