Some of you may have been wondering if I was keen enough to get up at 4.30am to catch some of the Eclipse action on Sunday morning.

I was!

I failed to get anything spectacular during the darker hours so I went down to the lake just before first light.

Finally, as what had been a full moon the night before, set across the lake I was lucky enough to get this shot.

Then as the dune was showing the effects of the first rays of the morning sun, the moon sank just a little further.

11 Responses

  1. That’s gorgeous!

    I saw it too, but way up in the sky around 11 pm here. It was quite something.


  2. those are some AMAZING photos… they look absolutely otherworldly!


  3. It looks as though it is so close! Incredible!


  4. Wow and more wow! Those are both great shots. Actually, I think you should show them around to some SciFi publishers looking for interesting book covers — they look out of this world!


  5. How fortunate you were – they’re great shots.


  6. I wonder if the moon you see is the same as the one visible over this side of the world? ……. we’re told there’s only one …….. but you never know ………


  7. that’s so pretty archie


  8. Thanks for getting up so early! Wow, what great shots.


  9. @ az, the timing was perfect for me – moonset just as the moon was around half visible again – perfect.

    @ Kate, thank you – sheer luck in being at the right place at the right time :)

    @ Marty, thanks, Sis. I was wondering if anyone else would see the SF thing I was seeing.

    @ Blue, yes, I was very fortunate.

    @ Daddy P, I have sometimes wondered this. I think it unlikely as you are down there at the bottom of the world. You would not have access to the wonders of the upper Universe. A shame, because I think you would enjoy them.

    @ nurse m, thank you. I was just lucky with this one.

    @ hmh, I admit to a little chest swelling with these shots ;)


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