Friday’s Feathers

I found this very rare specimen at my favourite holiday destination, Coral Bay, on the Ningaloo Reef.

Very wise, and always silent, he keeps his own counsel.

This is the Ningaloo Sooty Owl.

8 responses to “Friday’s Feathers

  1. Hmmm, that owl looks slightly stoned.


  2. I reckon he’s a cast-off …


  3. I’m marking this day down; Buff passed a pun!


  4. Silent but deadly…if he falls on your head.


  5. LOL!

    And, thanks – I was wonder what to do for Camera Critter on Sunday, now I know…


  6. (hehehehehehe) See, I’m being corrupted! Would I get away with saying it wasn’t intentional? No? I didn’t think so …


  7. Plastic owls are commonly sold in garden departments here. Gardeners put them out in the garden and they re better than scarecrows. Apparently the critters owls like to eat are not terribly smart. They see that plastic owl sitting there, not moving and inch, watching them and they don’t come into the garden.


  8. Cybe, I’m a bit late, but Friday is going in my diary, too.


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