Squirrel That Looks Like Hitler

Nonono – Please don’t invoke Godwin’s Law just yet.

Wait until after viewing the following fable.

Which is in keeping with my elite Goth status as discovered in my previous posting.

Found on Max’s blog

You probably need a coffee after viewing that effort – – –

5 responses to “Squirrel That Looks Like Hitler

  1. That was so not funny I’m still giggling…er…I mean. Oh, heck. Don’t tell anybody else, okay?


  2. O-kaaaaaayyyyyyyy! Maybe it’s me … but what the hell was that about? Am I missing something?


  3. @ marty, welcome back. Umm – yes – it sort of has that effect, doesn’t it – – –

    @ Buff, [giggle] It isn’t [chuckle] at all funny [LOL] – sort of Zen humour. Did you have a coffee?


  4. Well, I DID after it was suggested to me … and that crittur deserves everything it gets! Although … come to think of it, coffee from those machines does taste rather like the excretions from a small, furry creature, doesn’t it? And I’m not really into Zen … maybe that’s a failing on my part. I still don’t think it’s funny.


  5. altho generally opposed to violence, anything that reduces the squirrel population is a good thing in my book…..no matter what despot they resemble……carry on!


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