Favourite Things #5; Live Folk Music

Crosby Stills and Nash were my most recent live concert.

I love the immediacy of live music and when it is of the protest/folk kind, I am in my special place.

No, no video to go with this pic which was taken in Kings Park in Perth. I am quite sure a video of CSN will appear soon in my “Tuesday Tunes” post.

9 responses to “Favourite Things #5; Live Folk Music

  1. An envious as I’d really like to see CSN, as I too enjoy folk music
    I’m afraid you’ll find my music very twee today but it’s in a good cause & goes with my fav. things post.

    Best wishes


  2. I can go along with that one!


  3. CNS is one of my favorites, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen them in concert. Maybe someday. BJ


  4. I love folk music and really liked Neil Young. His Harvest album is one of my memories from the 70’s. Steven Stills “Love the one you will” also brings back memories. My favourite is up.


  5. You are right that is exactly why I like seahorses, passing the Bombeck award your way


  6. Having seen them in concert back in ‘The Day,’ I have to say that they are very good writers and studio musicians.

    (BTW, the concert cost US$3.50 back then and had two other bandsl)


  7. Ah, but did you see them in concert whilst sitting in the balmy evening air in a botanical garden, with the stage set over an ornamental lake and the lights of Perth laid out in a panorama down the bottom of the hill? He did … damn him all to hell and back!


  8. It was in an outdoor shell normally used for plays. it overlooked (and still does) the art garden behind the Memphis Academy of Arts. Very pretty! No lake, though.


  9. Well, damn you as well! (sniff) I didn’t even get to see them and I like them better’n anyone! It’s not faaaaaaaaaaaairrrrr!


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