A Hippy Feast

14 responses to “A Hippy Feast

  1. and while we’re at it, we should “Visualize Whirled Peas”… Yum…


  2. Hmmmm … clever, but it’s approaching dangerously close to a pun!


  3. Damn, Daisy Fae got here first.


  4. Oh good, another groaning opportunity …….. tee hee


  5. daisyfae: “Whirled Peas” – ha ha!

    Reminds me of a joke my dad told me many decades ago…

    Adolf Hitler: We want Peace! We want Peace! Piece of Czechoslovakia! Piece of Poland! Piece of Belgium!…


  6. @ daisyfae & Silverstar, Several months ago I posted about peas on earth

    @ Buff, close? CLOSE??? it is a magical pun, pieced together brilliantly.

    @ Daddy P, keeping the groan quotient up in the archive is no easy task – although it has to be done. Mainly because of Buff’s objections – grin

    @ Mike Fitz, I had forgotten that joke – I’ll store it away and recycle in 12 months time (evil grin)


  7. @ Buff: what he really meant was:

    @ Buff, close? CLOSE??? it is a magical pun, peased together brilliantly.


  8. Dang it, I was immediately reminded of “whirled peas” too.


  9. Will we /ever/ have peas in our thyme?


  10. peas in our thyme – Good one Cybe!

    *bookmarks page and makes mental note to come back later for Buff’s reaction*


  11. Personally, I prefer thyme in my peas, but that’s just me.


  12. @silverstar: spend all the time in your peas that you wish to.
    Oh, BTW: .jpg! .jpg!


  13. (mutter, mutter, mutter) … twists fingers together, looks despairingly at the ceiling … (mutter, mutter, mutter) … “Oh, hello!” to nice young men in their clean, white coats!!!


  14. Well done, Buff. I thought you might tell us all to Peas Off!


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