Mr Wally The Clown

My return to Punmu was celebrated with a carnival.

Well, there was a carnival and I returned. The reality was that there was little connection between the two events.

The carnival was based around sport and with lots of off-field action as well. There will be further posts on the carnival. The sporting side of the weekend. But firstly, a little fun.

To me, the perpetual inner child, the class act was Mr Wally The Clown. I don’t often write a post about an individual. Yet this guy touched me on several levels.

Whether on stilts;

Or having his tail pulled,

And surprising the tail-pullers just when they thought he hadn’t noticed.

Mr Wally was as fascinating and as much fun to the children in the desert as he is to the children in the Princess Margaret Children’s Hospital in the middle of the City of Perth where he is a Clown Doctor. (Note the subtle hint at the need for donations [grin])

Even singing silly songs with the aid of his four string guitar had me them watching and singing along. Yes, Bob the Builder, we can do it!

With all that, possibly my most lasting memory is encapsulated in this final shot. Mr Wally had a bubble machine and everyone wanted to touch the bubbles.

Somewhere in there, in amongst the fun and the play and the bubbles which Mr Wally orchestrates so well, there is more about life than is seen on the surface.

7 responses to “Mr Wally The Clown

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  2. It’s a wonderful concept … bravo!


  3. Came by to see your odd shot and finally found it down below. I am late because of an accident an my left hand doesn’t allow me to type as much as I used to presently. . .

    I am glad I was late tho so I could see your clown photos!!!!!!! I especially liked the bubbles/hand photo at the bottom!


  4. I agree about the bubbles/hand photo. I’m inspired to give my boyo some bubbles and click away.


  5. @ Buff, those clown doctors are wonderful people.

    @ Paulie, I hope that hand comes good really soon. Thank you for the kind words on the “Bubbles” photo. It said something to me the moment I saw it.

    @ Kym, Thank you for seeing something in what should be a “nothing” shot. Just a tip – try to photograph the bubbles as close to the sun as you can. This seems to give the best colours.


  6. Hi Doctor Wally
    My name is Tony and I am raising money for you guys
    We have met a couple of times and I have an opportunity can you ring me please on 0438866541

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