A blog-friend is moving house and so is setting out to reduce the clutter.

I wish her luck. Buff and I once tried that.

I wrote one of my silly versicals, from Buff’s point of view, because of that.

We cleaned out our wardrobes today
All the old stuff must go,
With all good intentions,
If it’s no use it can’t stay!

If I wore this old dress, it’d burst!
It’ll never fit again
I wore it to that dance
The one where I met you first!

And this scruffy old coat was from then –
The days before we had met
When . . . . but never mind that.
If I lose some weight it may fit me again.

Those old football boots are cracked and dry.
You’ll never play again
And you weren’t very good
But how I loved to watch you try.

Oh look – here is that T-shirt you wore
When we took that trip away.
That and my sapphires
Are the mementoes from Singapore.

And this long velvet dress – Matron of Honour, I was,
At your brother’s wedding.
We, all four, are now such true friends.
I might keep it this time, just because.

Look – lets leave this chore today
The lawn must be mowed
And the ironing done
And most of this stuff here can stay!

2 responses to “CLEANING OUT

  1. I may have missed the “sentimental” chromosome…

    i’m being cut-throat on clutter eradication. while it’s hard to part with some of the gems from the kids early art projects, i have no problem tossing clothing to the “recycle” bin… other folks will use it! i used to buy lots of stuff at the second-hand stores, and feel this is my way of “paying it forward”.


  2. (sniffle) I always loved this one … and I still have that beautiful ruby-red velvet dress with the flowers on the back of the bosom! Well, I don’t but it is in my grand-daughter’s wardrobe for her future.


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