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12 responses to “Blasphemy

  1. ROTFLMAO… I can’t stop laughing, and my daughter literally doubled over laughing! That’s just GENIUS. Why don’t I think of things like that?


  2. I thought exactly the same – it is so obvious once you see it – but you do get to go to Hell if you laugh 😉


  3. I’m already toasty! It was very easy to get here … I make a habit of laughing at clever things like this.


  4. abritdifferent

    I feel so evil laughing, but wow, that is creative and hilarious! had to stop and show it to my hubby too. Thanks for posting.


  5. Wonderful ! 😀


  6. Does this upgrade my ticket to Hell from coach to first class?


  7. @ Buff, I’m sorry. As Rohan Atkinson so clearly stated – He doesn’t have a sense of humour – – –

    @ abrit, Thanks for visiting. Glad you enjoyed it.

    @ Shaker, it certainly is.

    @ Toby, You’ll probably end up driving it 🙂


  8. My question is, which of the Village People would Jesus have been? 😉

    I liked this so much I may have to do steal it!


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  10. @ Gary, you’re welcome, mate. I burgled it myself 🙂


  11. Very skilfully, I’m sure… a modern-day Raffles, I’ll bet 😉


  12. This is so naughty and so funny – thanks Archie!


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