BBC Quiz of the Week

I am late with the quiz this week.

I was away from my computer all day with chores which need doing before I disappear into the desert.

The quiz is the one thing I cannot pre-post and so next week it may be late as well as I will be travelling all day on Quiz day.

Still, better late than never.

So how is your memory for world events?

I only scored 3/7 so that should be easy enough to beat ;)

Although some of the questions appeared obscure to me.

Week Ended. lowest score Dunce’s Hat winner

18th July 2 correct Puddock/Cybe R. Wizard,

11th July 2 Correct tobymarx/Buff
4th July 1 Correct azahar
27th June 2 correct Daddy P/azahar/Aquilla Canusa Brittanica (G. Eagle)/Sue
20th June 1 correct azahar/silverstar98121
13th June 1 correct puddock
6th June 1 Correct Gary Murning
30th May 3 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard/puddock
23rd May 3 Correct Cybe R Wizard
16th May 2 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard
9th May 3 Correct Daddy P/nursemyra/puddock
2nd May 2 Correct azahar
25th April 1 correct Alabaster Crippens
18th April 4 correct puddock/ archie

15 Responses

  1. Helps to post the link to the quiz, so we don’t have to go scrounging around for it. Here you go.

    Having said that, I also got three right.


  2. Wahhhh – I was not myself this morning – – – all fixed now .


  3. I only managed 3 this week too.


  4. I entered with a confidence that I rarely feel nowadays and it paid off ………. big time ………. 2/7 …………. whoops


  5. 1/7 — straight to video! Stupid bloody quiz thing! :)


  6. 3 for me. wonder if we all got the same 3


  7. I was so confident so secure in my knowledge of 1 right dismal


  8. 5 … :grin: I’m improving … blast Bhutan and George W. Bush!


  9. I got the one about the $10,000,000,000!!
    Sadly, the rest eluded me easily.


  10. I’m late this week too…

    You got 4 right!
    More B-movie than Oscar material

    Well, no hat at least. :)


  11. 2/7 – a personal best, without the lesbian overtones of the movie of the same name. Sorry.


  12. This Eagle refuses to answer on the grounds that his result will incriminate him – worse than to be expected from random answers

    …. suffice it to observe that it makes a distinguished Northern wRiter look well-informed …..


  13. I am very proud to announce that I got 5/7!! At last – a decent score!


  14. Eagle — I applaud you! That’s one hell of an accomplishment ;)


  15. A deuce. And late too. Disappointing. Bum.


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