BBC Quiz of the Week

I am late with the quiz this week.

I was away from my computer all day with chores which need doing before I disappear into the desert.

The quiz is the one thing I cannot pre-post and so next week it may be late as well as I will be travelling all day on Quiz day.

Still, better late than never.

So how is your memory for world events?

I only scored 3/7 so that should be easy enough to beat 😉

Although some of the questions appeared obscure to me.

Week Ended. lowest score Dunce’s Hat winner

18th July 2 correct Puddock/Cybe R. Wizard,

11th July 2 Correct tobymarx/Buff
4th July 1 Correct azahar
27th June 2 correct Daddy P/azahar/Aquilla Canusa Brittanica (G. Eagle)/Sue
20th June 1 correct azahar/silverstar98121
13th June 1 correct puddock
6th June 1 Correct Gary Murning
30th May 3 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard/puddock
23rd May 3 Correct Cybe R Wizard
16th May 2 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard
9th May 3 Correct Daddy P/nursemyra/puddock
2nd May 2 Correct azahar
25th April 1 correct Alabaster Crippens
18th April 4 correct puddock/ archie

15 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. Helps to post the link to the quiz, so we don’t have to go scrounging around for it. Here you go.

    Having said that, I also got three right.


  2. Wahhhh – I was not myself this morning – – – all fixed now .


  3. I only managed 3 this week too.


  4. I entered with a confidence that I rarely feel nowadays and it paid off ………. big time ………. 2/7 …………. whoops


  5. 1/7 — straight to video! Stupid bloody quiz thing! 🙂


  6. 3 for me. wonder if we all got the same 3


  7. I was so confident so secure in my knowledge of 1 right dismal


  8. 5 … 😀 I’m improving … blast Bhutan and George W. Bush!


  9. I got the one about the $10,000,000,000!!
    Sadly, the rest eluded me easily.


  10. I’m late this week too…

    You got 4 right!
    More B-movie than Oscar material

    Well, no hat at least. 🙂


  11. 2/7 – a personal best, without the lesbian overtones of the movie of the same name. Sorry.


  12. This Eagle refuses to answer on the grounds that his result will incriminate him – worse than to be expected from random answers

    …. suffice it to observe that it makes a distinguished Northern wRiter look well-informed …..


  13. I am very proud to announce that I got 5/7!! At last – a decent score!


  14. Eagle — I applaud you! That’s one hell of an accomplishment 😉


  15. A deuce. And late too. Disappointing. Bum.


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