Strange World #31; Gun Control

Three shot at Chinese gun control meeting

Three journalists have been injured in south-west China after a gun went off at a press conference called by Chinese police to highlight the success of a gun control campaign, state media said. The press conference was taking place in Nanchong in Sichuan province to publicise the results of a campaign by the city’s police to seize illegal weapons, the Beijing News reported.

According to Zheng Chongjun, deputy head of the political division of Nanchong police, some of the reporters asked to take photos of the guns seized. One of the police officials mishandled a homemade weapon, releasing the trigger and dropping it to the ground.

It is unclear from the report whether the gun contained bullets or shotgun pellets but it said one local journalist needed surgery after being hit in several areas of the body including his ankle, crotch, and chest.


4 responses to “Strange World #31; Gun Control

  1. Oops doesn’t really cover this situation!


  2. @ nursem, even in the most organised societies, there are “moments”!

    @ Kym, I was tempted to title this one “Red faces in Red China” 🙂


  3. (snicker) At least it wasn’t an elephant gun … that could have been a bit nasty in the groin area 👿 Chasing trunks and all that …


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