BBC Quiz of the Week

A week goes past so quickly.

Already it is time for the quiz.

The very hard BBC Quiz of the Week.

It must be hard. Very hard.

Because I only scored 3/7.

How will you score? I have a theory that any question is easy if you know the answer.

Once again there were many more people checking out the quiz than registering their scores. We still managed another tie this week.

Week Ended. lowest score Dunce’s Hat winner

11th July 2 Correct tobymarx/Buff
4th July 1 Correct azahar
27th June 2 correct Daddy P/azahar/Aquilla Canusa Brittanica (G. Eagle)/Sue
20th June 1 correct azahar/silverstar98121
13th June 1 correct puddock
6th June 1 Correct Gary Murning
30th May 3 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard/puddock
23rd May 3 Correct Cybe R Wizard
16th May 2 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard
9th May 3 Correct Daddy P/nursemyra/puddock
2nd May 2 Correct azahar
25th April 1 correct Alabaster Crippens
18th April 4 correct puddock/ archie

14 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. I equal you with three. I was not surprised that the US is becoming a third-world country. After all, I live here.


  2. DANG! Only two right. I guess I’m just not a newsy kind of guy.


  3. You got 5 right!
    Upward trend

    Whew! I thought I was going senile. I missed the USA one … I thought “Nah, it’s not possible!”. How wrong was I??? And although I’ve been watching Il Papa on TV all week I missed that one too … theatrical, ain’t it??? (watching Stations of The Cross on SBS at the moment).


  4. You got 4 right!
    Upward trend

    Another hatless week! 🙂


  5. I’m a three again… got the American one right, though.


  6. Having missed a few battles I hurtle back into the middle ground with a semi respectable four.


  7. Move over Cybe R Wizard – make room for the Puddock on the dunce’s stool. 2/7 for me too!


  8. 3/7, a slight improvement over last week.


  9. Living in the US and reading a bunch of radical rags, I am WELL aware of how far down the scale the US rates in terms of medical care, life expectancy, literacy rate, infant survival rates, etc.

    I got 5 right this week!!!


  10. Made 4 out of the seven this week – more luck that judgement


  11. Sehr geEhrter AerChie


    ScHocking – OUTrrageous

    3 right, even after 6 guesses

    Vanity of Vanities says the Preacher, Koheleth,
    All things are full of Weariness,
    A man cannot utter it

    Oh,THE HUMILIATION when an Eagle is equalled or surpassed by SO MANY Ladies

    * Mdm la Buffe & Mrs Noggin – et La Blue und Mrs H-Hands are outrageously well=informed

    You can expect Les Frogges to let one down by unexpectedly professing to unExpectedly high moral standards … but an Historian must ask :

    ?? Are Napoleon et M Sarkosi really French-Mensch

    But this Eagle does feel very let down by those confounded Germans (not Norwegians) being so sensible

    … and those puir (ex) Colonials from the Middle Colonies = how in the Good Lord’s name can the most Wealthy Nation in the World make such a Mess of ts Health-Care System

    Harrumphus, harrumpha, harrumphissimum

    Je reste le vestre servant obedient etc


    L’Aigle le plus Gris


  12. FOUR!!!!! – my guessing skills are improving [although my ability to keep on time is slipping – forgive me Archie]


  13. 3/7: At least I can be smug in the knowledge that
    – Ich bin Berliner (Kennedy included an unnecessary ‘ein’ in his speech)
    – I qualify as Zimbabwe’s economic minister
    – I’m going to die earlier than M. Eagle.


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