Odd Shot #18; Out Of My Way!

Out of the mirages and heat hazes of Outback Australia equipment for the mining industry can suddenly appear.

BIG equipment.

The sort of big where you don’t even try to share the road.

The sort of big which would appear odd to many city dwellers.

Drop on over to Katney’s Kaboodle to see more of us odd oddshotters.

14 responses to “Odd Shot #18; Out Of My Way!

  1. Don’t you also have truck trains in Australia, or is that only in South Africa?


  2. I for one would certainly move over!


  3. As I said below (in the wrong place!) I wouldn’t want to meet up with one.


  4. Australia is set to become very rich in mined resources in the not too distant future – if those in charge get the global warming syndrome out of their systems.
    Beware large loads !


  5. Just how much room does one vehicle need.


  6. We get large farm equipment around here, but usually not quite THAT large. It reminds me of when we moved our house , which was originally on the route of the new freeway–in the middle of the northbound lane.


  7. It looks like a bucket for a front-end loader but very large.
    I’d love to drive /that/ big dude!


  8. That’s EXACTLY what it is, Cybe … a very big bucket for a front-end loader. They make ’em big up in the Pilbara. You should ask Archie to show you one of the big trucks they use up there too … the wheels on them are immense, about twice the height of a tall man.


  9. Close, Buff, It was the tray for a haulpak. 7.2 metres wide. I’ll post a video soon – when I find a good one – they are immense and many are driven by women! At a wage of around $150,000 per annum.


  10. How come it’s got the two lugs on either side of the bucket if it’s a tray for a haulpak? It looks more as though those are the two attachment points for a front-end loader than the big tray of a haulpak. Which I would have assumed was as long as it was wide.


  11. I have put up four haulpak photos in a special album on my photobucket site. I think that will clear up any confusions. It will also allow those “Big Truck” addicts a chance to drool! These were taken on two separate trips, some months apart. Two of the images are of haulpaks on top of regular trucks.


  12. I always said that if the writing gig went south, metaphorically speaking, then I’d go back on the road, but only for what we used to call “high, wide, and weird.”

    That fits the bill nicely. I assume they wouldn’t check if I just showed up for the interview in a nice taffetta frock?


  13. I would need to check – please post pic – – –


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