BBC Quiz of the Week

It is Friday once again and so time to test our knowledge of current events.

There are more and more people checking the quiz out but unfortunately most are not admitting to their scores.

This is probably due to not wanting to boast because I do know that the readers of the archive are well above average in intelligence.

So, how will you go this week in the BBC Quiz of the Week?

I am blushing a little this week as I only scored 4/7.

Be brave and post a comment with your score.

The official List of Dunces
4th July 1 Correct azahar
27th June 2 correct Daddy P/azahar/Aquilla Canusa Brittanica (G. Eagle)/Sue
20th June 1 correct azahar/silverstar98121
13th June 1 correct puddock
6th June 1 Correct Gary Murning
30th May 3 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard/puddock
23rd May 3 Correct Cybe R Wizard
16th May 2 Correct Alabaster Crippens/Cybe R Wizard
9th May 3 Correct Daddy P/nursemyra/puddock
2nd May 2 Correct azahar
25th April 1 correct Alabaster Crippens
18th April 4 correct puddock/ archie

14 responses to “BBC Quiz of the Week

  1. You got 5 right!
    Eve of success

    Phew! I was getting a little tired of wearing that hat!


  2. 4 out of 5.
    Got the baby name one wrong!


  3. Beat you!!!!! 3 and proud of it!


  4. 4/7 for me ag’in. I seem to be stuck there.


  5. Got 3, but I nearly got 5 – think I over-analysed the options. That Sunday was one was a bit tricksy, wasn’t it? My brain hurts now – going for a lie down…


  6. Archie’s comment was “Oh, how the mighty are fallen” … I got two right …

    You got 2 right!
    Monday blues

    I got the Bush one right! 😀


  7. a dsimal 3 is there any hope?? i got the George Bush one though !!!!!!190 days and counting


  8. 2/7. Being a San Franciscan, I at least got the GWB memorial sewage plant right. I would probably do better on these quizzes if there were fewer questions about celebrities, but the sad truth seems to be that I’m just a current events dunce.


  9. Eagles have great difficulties with Humility when triumphing over Distinguished Writers from the North-East

    5 – including 4 guesses

    Confounded French Snails & Sundays


  10. Five right, although I got the snails and Sundays. I got the mass wedding and D8 wrong.


  11. Argh! Three right. That number six should have been a combination of A (I8) and B (D8) to form the ever-popular ID8.
    Then it could refer to me.


  12. I’ll forgive you your lack of humility, Eagle, because of your excellent use of the word “distinguished”. 😉


  13. My word, M. Eagle and I tied -I botched developing 8 and closer China-Taiwan relations.

    I certainly would have guessed that Mainland China would have suggested a massive amphibious assault at a time when U.S. naval forces were stretched thin, but that’s just me.


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