Sunday Morning Live; Episode 2

The archive’s Sunday entertainment spot

Or Saturday Night Live if you live in the Western Hemisphere

How do you decribe the indescribable?

You don’t. You simply introduce –

The Umbilical Brothers,

9 responses to “Sunday Morning Live; Episode 2

  1. Hilarious! I didn’t know you had Aussie rednecks.


  2. There are more of the Umbilical Brothers in a couple of weeks – A very funny pair.


  3. Lovely to see that talent is abounding ….. excellent Archie – thank you


  4. Some of these clips will amuse and some will exasperate – different nations laugh at different things 🙂


  5. I’ve seen these guys before, but it’s always a joy to see them again. Bloody hilarious, mate. Very clever. This is one of my favourites:


  6. Gary, I very nearly used that skit. I’ll probably use it in Series 2. There is more Umbilical Bros in Episode 4 of this series. Episode 3 are those sisters from Esk in Queensland again. I can understand their humour not travelling well, although I believe they went down well in the Edinborough Fringe. From episode 5 things really start to improve 🙂


  7. I think I’d actually find it a little strange if their humour wasn’t “understood” here in the UK, Archie. I know some Australian humour doesn’t, for some strange reason, translate all that well for the majority, but these guys seem very much in the vein of British comedy. I love the Arnold Schwarzenegger skit, too! Hard to imagine anyone — Americans included — not getting that one!


  8. I’ll be interested in your reactions to later episodes 🙂


  9. I’ve just posted something you might enjoy. 😉


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