Camera Critters #8; Thorny Devil

He sure looks scary. All those spikes and thorns.

Although they are quite sharp to touch, the base of the spikes just push into his skin and the pointy ends don’t go into yours.

They sit in the middle of open spaces such as gravel roads to gather warmth and get quite defensive if their space is invaded – even if it is a large 4×4 which does the invading.

Approaching them on foot will cause them to rear up in mock attack and they only run, at the last moment, for just a couple of yards. Then you can scoop them up and show them off.

The colours seem to vary with the area, or maybe they change colours a little. I have never seen two which look exactly alike.

It is very nice if you return this scary critter to a safe place when you have finished admiring him.

15 responses to “Camera Critters #8; Thorny Devil

  1. He is soooooooo cool! So cool!


  2. He’s obviously looked in the mirror and fallen for his own hype if he is taking on 4 x 4’s! But wow – what an amazing creature.


  3. He is a real beauty, thorny or not. Fabulous creature and shot.


  4. what a cutie. I didn’t know that the thorny devil was the only member of it’s genus. I figured he was probably related to the horned toad!


  5. No way!! That’s a living creature?? What an amazing photo!


  6. How cool! I’ve never seen one of those critters in person before!


  7. What a beautiful little guy he is.
    Such a cool photo. I’ve never seen one before. Love the colors on his skin.


  8. do notshow it to my catsLovey and Darlin or it will be crawling up my leg


  9. Now that is REALLY REALLY AWESOME! I would LOVE to see one of these in person!!! I LOVE this post!


  10. And they don’t even bite!


  11. Thorny Devils are one of my favourite lizards, I’m really hoping to see one in person when I get chance to explore Oz a bit more as I’ve illustrated quite a few over the years.

    Great shot Archie!


  12. What a decorative little creature. A lizard? I’ve actually never heard of this one.


  13. Oh, – how cute is he! 🙂


  14. He is gorgeous! As a Scottish frog, all I can say is that the Aussies are definitely better looking – but then you knew that didn’t you Archie? 😉


  15. Thank you everyone for the kind comments. It really is a case of being blasè about stuff you live with 🙂


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