Curious – – –

Much of You Tube is interesting and sometimes even challenging.

But I wonder at what this is all about – – –

6 responses to “Curious – – –

  1. I think the bigger question is how much extra time did you have on your hands that allowed you to find this?


  2. It didn’t take much extra time – it was next on line at youtube after yesterday’s toupee vid 🙂 But very very weird!


  3. Off hand I would say it is using Google Earth to progressively go down to a neighborhood in Japan, I would say Tokyo, but that’s a guess, and then back again. Not very mysterious at all. I could do it with my neighborhood.


  4. silverstar– You could move your neighborhood into Japan from outer space? I can transmogrify my feet into dolphins, but only just a little bit. I couldn’t move my neighborhood.


  5. Ooooops! Mumma San, you know how you always told me NOT to play with matches in a paper house ……


  6. @ Bunk – hehehehe – [checking to see that I haven’t stuck myself in a similar hole]

    @ buff, I think you may have it – a house fire.


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