History of the Universe

Have you ever thought about how we know what we know about the Universe?

The macro Universe – that one out there that you look at day by day, and if you look at the moon or the stars, night by night.

That whole wondrous Milky Way and the Constellations and the occasional falling stars.

How do we know how far away are the sun and the other stars?

How did the Big Bang become a part of what we know?

I found this on Gary’s Blog. The original is one of a series of excellent videos on

What this doesn’t explain to me is just when did homo sap get around to seeing shapes in stars? To naming those constellations which we now know only as our “Astrological Signs”?

The Plaeides or “Seven Sisters” is very old because it is known as that both in Northern Hemisphere mythologies and in ancient Indigenous Australian tales.

Taurus appears in the cave paintings of the Ice Age in France and Spain. Yes, I know the Seven Sisters is a part of Taurus.

What of my Capricorn and all the others? When did they appear?

Yes, while I am in awe of the discoveries made by Astronomers and Physicists and Mathematicians, my interests are people and their thoughts. The origins of the myths we are surrounded by. The almost universal myths. It is time for me to begin writing of them.

After nearly two years I need to continue a train of thought.

6 responses to “History of the Universe

  1. ‘Continue a train of thought’!!!!! – good grief – heaven forfend – not possible – sandwiches


  2. Thanks! Your link led me to this:

    a set of 24 vids that explain why Creationists get laughed at.
    I’m currently on number 5 and am ROFLOLPMP.


  3. BTW, there’s no link associated with your Technorati graphic over there on the right. Should there be?


  4. Pre History and the universe are two of the most confusing topics in human life. Makes my head spin


  5. @ Daddy P, Grrrr – I need, along with a grammar check – a mangled metaphor check – and an hyphonectomy!

    @ Cybe, I knew you would be interested in this. I spent (and will continue to spend) a lot of time there since I discovered the site. I’ll be posting more 🙂

    @ damien, nonono, by far the most confusing thing is humanity.


  6. @ Cybe – oops – that link is broke – I’ll fix it.


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