Unicorn Found In Italy

When Hogwarts and its surrounding forest was destroyed at the capricious whim of its chronicler, not a single thought was given to the fate of the inhabitants of that forest.

Now it seems that a single unicorn was able to flee the carnage and has appeared in a forest in the grounds of the Center of Natural Sciences in Prato, Italy.

This young unicorn, disguised as a Red Deer, apparently has a twin which has the usual complement of horns.

As all red deer are quite shy, most sightings being made with binoculars, it has been difficult to obtain a photograph. Finally, with the use of a tele-photo lens, the staff at the center have been able to capture an image.

It seems this is a genetic flaw which has been recorded before in horned beasts but normally a single-horned deer have that horn on one side or the other. What is unusual, in this case, is the central location of the single horn.

My fear is that some big-time hunter, possibly with the surname “Cheney” will feel the urge to have this unique trophy mounted above his fireplace.

Alternatively there will be poachers seeking the horn for its aphrodisiacal properties.

In the meantime, there is a search for an Italian virgin to help in capturing and taming this mythical beast.

Thanks for the tip, Cybe.

7 responses to “Unicorn Found In Italy

  1. This graphic you’ve used:

    seems a little racy for your family-oriented blog!


  2. I had not viewed the full sized image – however, it is a 500 year old tapestry and so was created by women. Surely they knew what was acceptable and what was not.


  3. Does the finding of this unicorn in Italy have any implications for our beloved Azzurri. I’ve done some research



  4. It may be taken as a gesture towards Azzuri … there is an expression “Giving the bird” which has a certain similarity to a one-horned beastie … lessee, it’s the middle finger of the right hand, I think … (very evil grin)


  5. @ joe, alas, I find it very hard to ever feel sad for an Azzurri loss. A fake foul in a World Cup quarter final does that to an Aussie!

    @ Buff, Excellent thought!


  6. Once when I was younger I saw this beautiful delicate white curled unicorn. Oh people claimed it was a goat with human altered horns but I fell in love. It was so sweet and someone had draped it in flowers. But now I think this deer/unicorn may trump the goat/unicorn.


  7. It is a beautiful creature. So beautiful that I fear for its life in this avaricious world.


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