Kama Sutra of Reading

Found on the awesome blog of the intelligent and captivating, though NSFW, nursemyra was this cartoon from the book Design Humor: The Art of Graphic Wit written illustrated produced by Steve Heller.

There is a city in the UK named “Reading”. I shall draw no conclusions – – –

7 responses to “Kama Sutra of Reading

  1. Except that city’s pronounced “redding,” probably because of the Great Vowel Shift.

    Funny cartoon, though!


  2. there’s a Reading, Pennsylvania here in the US, too.
    Maybe you’ve seen adverts for their railroad…


  3. hey archie, thanks for the link and for tracking down the creator of the cartoon 🙂


  4. just priceless.


  5. @ WC, yes, that great vowel shift has created a lot of problems 🙂

    @ Cybe, no, I must look for them

    @ nursem, no worries – for a book-a-holic it was too good not to share

    @ sandy, Oh good – pay at the door 🙄


  6. @ Arch, try looking on the Monopoly board.


  7. My first thought was “WHICH” monopoly board – so I went to the font of all wisdom and found that Wikipedia has the original board (which I had never seen) and there was Reading Railroad. – but is it “Redding” or “Reeding”?


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