Sky Watch Friday #5

Sometimes large Indian Ocean storms move in onto the coast of Western Australia.

The high precursor clouds can fill the sky for twenty four hours before the wind rises and the active part of the storm strikes with its lightning and rain.

Last Friday was just such a day. Through the day the cloud increased, the air became still and the sky slowly disappeared.

By late afternoon the river was reflecting the sky in quiet repose.

On Saturday the heavens unleashed their fury.

13 responses to “Sky Watch Friday #5

  1. Quietness before the storm!
    And what a beautiful view it is.


  2. It’s as if someone painted this photo. And I am sure they would have used “watercolors” but this is a remarkable photo…. well done.


  3. Excellent photo, many congratulations.


  4. Congratulations on this magnificent picture.


  5. This is a remarkable photo. It does remind me of a storm on the way and everyone seems in a hurry to get read for it. Nice shot.


  6. Spectacular photo!


  7. GOSH! It’s stormy in the West also? This does look like the quiet before unleashed!


  8. The sky is gorgeous in this shot. I love the soft and muted colors.


  9. That photo looks like it could tell many stories!


  10. love those pastels. A great capture


  11. I’m giggling about the ‘Chilled Wren’ comment in the post above…
    Thanks for a great picture/view this week.. I love the colours on show.


  12. It is hard to tell where the sky stops and the ocean begins.


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