Anchors A Way

Fremantle, at the mouth of the Swan River was the first settlement* way back in 1829.

It has always been a maritime town and the sea and its sailors are an inescapable part of the landscape.

Over the years, as the rocks and shoals were discovered, many ships came to grief.

It does not seem out of place that along a street near the foreshore is a row of anchors which have been salvaged from some of those wrecks.

That cross piece is called the stock. While the third one along is supposed to have a bent stock for stowage reasons, the one nearest the camera was straight.

Until the storm which sank its ship.

* I will write about Albany another day.

10 responses to “Anchors A Way

  1. Must have been one heck of a storm!


  2. “Anchors Aweigh” was the command. Minor crit.


  3. @ truce, it was big enough to sink the ship 🙂

    @ Bunk, yep – these were along a street – minor pun 🙂


  4. Intentional pun? Cool. Giant Squidgoatse comment still rules, though… coupla others have picked up on it.


  5. Bunk, if only you knew just what an incorrigible punster this man is … you wouldn’t even bother to crit. You’d just accept that it was an intentional pun and live with it … you may groan slightly under your breath but don’t give him the satisfaction of letting him know you groaned aloud. LOL


  6. @ Bunk – I wish I had thought of the squid one – who else has picked up on it? I hope thay have given you credit.

    @ Buff, Shhh – I’ve got them fooled into thinking I am very sirius – Why, I’m almost a star – – –


  7. Nice work. Great headline!


  8. (10^100)/2 = GOL.


  9. @ David mcmahon, Thank you. Coming from the master of headlines, that means a lot 🙂

    @ Bunk – Yikes – that is a few too many to count today – can I do it tomorrow?


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