Storm Damage

Saturday was a day of wild and violent storms in Perth.

Thunder, lightning, rain, hail and wind. Gale force winds.

Midway through the gale I heard metal clanging but I could not work our where the noise was originating.

About an hour later I spotted the SES volunteers covering the roof of the lift well on the block of units which blocks my views of the city. Those orange uniforms and orange tarpaulins are a welcome site wherever there is storm damage.

They did a great job, considering the wind was still blowing, the rain still falling and lightning still striking in the area. Because the damaged roof was fairly inaccessible and there were no safety rails around the working area, it took a couple of hours to do this job.

Well done guys. Thank you all.

5 responses to “Storm Damage

  1. unsung heroes for the most part. nice of you to give them a plug – they so deserve it


  2. I was very impressed with the way they carried on working into the next thunderstorm. As you say, unsung for the most part but very necessary.


  3. Actually, you should take another one of that building and emphasise the height of the building itself! It only looks like 5 floors which is scary enough in itself, but the FULL height of it is much more and that makes the SES blokes even more brave, IMHO. I couldn’t even stand on a chair without suffering height fear and vertigo. They’re up the top of that building and in severe weather conditions.


  4. I know – I did the best I could at that time of night and with the storms still happening. Those guys did a wonderful job.


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