More Giant Squid

The Queen of Squidliciousness is suffering from the combined problems of a sick computer and an uncooperative blog host.

Consequently it is necessary for the archive to take up some of the slack.

While the raincoaster does warn people that

sometimes friends have to step into the breach.

Urgent breaking news compels me to post the following, and may Cthulhu have mercy on my souls.

A giant squid has been found off Portland in Victoria’s south-west. The six-metre long, 230-kilogram squid was still alive when it was netted by commercial fishermen last night.

Fisheries Victoria says the creature is being kept in a freezer and will be transferred to the Melbourne Museum. The museum is yet to confirm whether it will be used for scientific research or put on display.

Bob McPherson of the local sport and Game Fishing Club says it is not the first squid netted off Portland, but it is the largest.

Pictured is a veterinarian who thinks the beast is a pregnant cow in disguise.

I know.

Udderly ridiculous. But this IS the archive.

12 responses to “More Giant Squid

  1. Wow, that’s a giant squid.

    Funny, I just watched a movie about giant squids attacking people on Star Movies. 🙂


  2. Another squid! And me unable to post! The universe is toying with me, my friend.

    BTW they think they’ve solved the mystery of the floating feet.


  3. Great picture… but honestly, my first impression was that the “veterinarian” was trying to get the squid’s beak open for mouth-to-mouth… Fortunately my brain froze up before I visualized it. I’d have been scarred for life.


  4. Oh god. I just realized it’s a giant squidgoatse.


  5. WHAT is he doing?


  6. Hey, it was Saturday night. What do YOU think he was doing?


  7. @ Rach, It is called synchronicity – which is quite co-incidental – – –

    @ rain, The Shoggoths are active at the moment.

    @ Bunk, Oh yes! Thank you for another tag for the post 👿

    @ Nursem, I don’t think mortal man should know – – –

    @ rain, It was Victoria Australia, not Vancouver – Hmmm – maybe there isn’t so much difference 😉


  8. “@ Bunk, Oh yes! Thank you for another tag for the post :evil:”

    Arch– I don’t remember forcing you to post that image on your site. =)


  9. hehehe – no force was involved – just perversion 🙂


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