Strange World #28; Pot Luck For Cash-Strapped Kiwi

A New Zealand man who found himself in a service station queue with no money has attempted to pay for his food with cannabis, the Dominion Post newspaper reported. Unfortunately he did not get a chance to discover whether the attendant would accept his offer, as the person behind him in the queue was a police officer.

The man’s attempt to buy two packets of chocolate and a packet of potato chips to satisfy his “munchies” was caught short when he was arrested. He must have been hungry, as he failed to notice the police patrol car being filled with petrol, the paper reported.

The 28-year-old mechanic from the small North Island town of Carterton pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis in the Masterton District Court and was remanded for sentencing.

4 responses to “Strange World #28; Pot Luck For Cash-Strapped Kiwi

  1. i remember when I was growing up in dunedin they used to print all the petty court case results with names, ages and the suburb they called home.

    my parents drummed it into me that it would shame them beyond belief if I were to ever get my name in that column

    what a dickhead, wouldn’t be dropping my car in for a service with him.

    but it made me laugh 🙂


  2. The definition of “bad timing”…


  3. More likely the true definition of a Kiwi at his brilliant best! darfc!


  4. @ nm, I quite understand, coming as I do from a long line of miscreants and disregarders of the accepted norms of society. 🙂

    @ Daisyfae, Very bad timing 🙂

    @ Buff – THWACK!


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