Friday’s Feathers #2

The Purple Swamp Hen.

Standing in the late afternoon sun, this two foot high (50cm) swamphen caught my eye.

Perhaps he is a swamprooster.

That iridescent blue on his chest is only visible in sunlight. Then it is quite spectacular.

Reading my book of birds (Field Guide to Australian Birds; Morecombe) i find that this bird is as domineering as he looks.

“Large, colourful, common waterhen. Aggressive and bullying towards other waterbirds, kills ducklings. Has strength to pull up water reeds as food. Clumsy, leg-dangling crash-landing flight. At night often gives wild shrieks and boomings, perhaps basis of bunyip stories. Deep thudding sounds from beating wings on body. Widespread, common.”

All that means is that I no longer feel guilty looking at those delectable drumsticks!

Purple swamp Hen

If you decide to join Friday’s Feathers, leave a comment here so we can all visit.

4 responses to “Friday’s Feathers #2

  1. Thanks, a gorgeous Friday’s Feathers. I wish I had a chest and legs like that 😉


  2. nice feathers. a tad on the skinny side


  3. Ah, HA! The purple bunyip.


  4. @ Truce, then you would be good enough to eat – – –

    @ nursemyra, I don’t know – not a bad physique when you consider there have been no additional hormones 🙂

    @ Cybe, Oh yes, That is the worst one of all – at least twice as dangerous as the blue bunyip!


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