Book Review; Metro Girl, Janet Evanovich.

Having taken Stephanie Plum to, and possibly over, the top, Evanovich has moved to Florida and found a new heroine. Alex Barnaby is looking for her disappeared brother but her interaction with Stock Car driver Sam Hooker is the main story line. Not quite as mysterious as Plum’s Ranger but quite as super dominant male, Hooker is irresistibly male and not averse to a little adventure.

From Miami to Cuba and back again, with Gold and Mysterious Cargo and determinedly evil crooks, Alex is able to hold her own with everything that is thrown at her. While she does relax back into a ladylike persona to allow Hooker to do his masculine things and continually save her from the baddies, one gets the feeling this is just a sop to the males around her and that she could have quite easily coped all on her own.

This is light, trite and great fun. Chick-lit for the masses.

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