Australian Beaver; Exposed

The archive in a desperate ploy to gain additional hits insists on calling the Platypus “Australian Beaver“.

And a video showing a nude, egg-laying, venomous, duck-billed Australian Beaver in action and cavorting in the water is downright irresistible!

Of course it could be called an Australian Duck or the Australian Mole (Now there is a thought)

Anyway back to Australian Beaver.

There are a lot of people who are interested in Australian Beaver and some of them have been doing DNA testing on the cute little critter with the poisonous hind claws! Hmmm – another male fantasy being massaged!

Dr Chris Poonting, of the MRC Functional Genetics Unit at the University of Oxford, UK, is one of more than 100 researchers from the US, UK and Australia, who took part in the study. He said the platypus was chosen because of its unusual features.

The animal comes from an early branch of the mammal family, and like mammals it is covered in fur and produces milk. However, it lays eggs like a reptile. This unique mixture of features is reflected in its DNA. The genome sequence, which is published in the journal Nature, holds clues to how humans and other mammals first evolved.

The Australian Beaver is so strange that it was considered a hoax when sent from Australia to European researchers in the 19th Century.

With thanks to the multilingually DNAed Herr G eagLe

12 responses to “Australian Beaver; Exposed

  1. I’ve always loved these animals…


  2. ooops…. were your stats slipping? ‘)


  3. WC, they are cute, but you really do have to watch that poisonous hind claw in the male.

    Dorid, LOL Not noticeably but it is always best to guard against possible disaster – especially when a news story like this appears out of nowhere.


  4. I even didn’t know they’re poisonous. Man, these animals are really multiclass characters 😉


  5. “Poonting”? A researcher specializing in Australian Beaver? is that his real name?


  6. daisyfae, you beat me to that question.


  7. @ Sebastian, they’re possibly the most unusual critter in the world 🙂

    @ daisyfae & Cybe, Vowel shift within linguistic groups is an interesting phenomena. The researcher’s name appears to have gained an additional vowel in the shift from the BBC to the archive – – –

    Such a thing would never happen on quality Canadian blogs


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  9. Did you know they have 25 different sexes? This happens in no other species except Englishmen.


  10. I didn’t need to know that! Actually, the assorted sexual preferences of Englishmen have very little interest for me. I am far more interested in the sexual preferences of Englishwomen.


  11. From what I hear, they prefer to have it with married men, mostly.


  12. Is that why so many Englishmen are married?


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