A Special Tale in the Year of The Disgraced Olympics

I have played amateur sport for most of my life.

As an extremely competitive person, I have always been a believer in playing to the limit of the rules.

Yet being a “Good Sport” has always been important. Not taking an unfair advantage of my opponent.

I have seen many examples of good and sometimes great sportsmanship.

But it will be many years before I read of something as great as the sportsmanship recorded here.

Thanks to Metro from whom I burgled this wonderful tale and thanks to Jesus’ General who brought it to Metro’s attention.

6 responses to “A Special Tale in the Year of The Disgraced Olympics

  1. i’m not normally a consumer of ‘glurge’, but this one was simply beautiful. agreed – when sports (at least in the US) has lost some of the fundamental spirit of games, this was lovely!


  2. The story of true sportsmanship! How wonderful to see that it still exists in this day and age of competitive “anything and everything for a win” mentality.


  3. I also can’t stand glurge.

    So when an authentic tale of good sportspersonship pops up out of the glurge swamp of the internet, I try to spread it around. Glad you could help.


  4. There is this water-like stuff coming out of my eyes, Archie, what the hell have you done to me?


  5. Water stuff coming from eyes, trying to escape from nose, and lumpy thing in throat. Apparently, I have developed allergies while reading that post.


  6. I agree with you all. It is a great story, although I expect it to begin appearing as glurge in our emails within 12 months..

    @Honjii & Kym, Yes, I also developed some sort of allergy 🙂


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