Strange, Very Strange

I set out to take a photo of an attractive coastal/desert type of flower.

Its “webbed” petals and delicate veins along with the colour made it quite attractive.

The dusty grey-green foliage wasn’t bad, either so I pulled back for another shot.

It wasn’t until I downloaded the image that I realised I may have found something else as well.

Or is it just a trick of the perspective?

The human eye insists on creating patterns and my eyes are sure trying to make this into a weirdly camouflaged alien bug.

This could be the stuff of nightmares.

It may be one of those mysteries which is never resolved.

16 responses to “Strange, Very Strange

  1. The flower’s beautiful…The bug is kinda cute. It looks like a stuffed animal, all fuzzy…

    What kind of zoom do you have on your camera, BTW? Jeez! It’s a fabulous shot!


  2. It is a Tamron 28mm-300mm zoom lens on a Pentax istDS body. The original image comes out at about 3000×2000 pixels. The photograph of the bug was a total fluke – if it IS a bug, that is 🙂


  3. fabulous! and i agree – don’t think it’s a bug, but it sure is alien!


  4. It looks like a caterpillar (sp?). The flowere is really cool looking!


  5. Eep! A koala bear bug!


  6. Chaos theory at work again – fantastic


  7. That is so peculiar and so intriguing! I love the idea that it’s a koala bear bug!


  8. Seed pod … for the bract, which is what the pretty “flower” is! But it does look like a bug.


  9. I can usually read your site without having the crap scared out of me … well, at lease sometimes I can. But this is a sight too terrifying before at least three morning cups of coffee. Aliens masquerading as blossums that lure you ever closer. .. closer … Jeeeeez.


  10. @ Daisyfae, I like the alien concept – we need more mystery in life

    @ Maggie, Indeed, it could be but I fear the sort of moth it could turn into – – –

    @ az, perhaps it is an embryonic drop bear 🙂

    @ Daddy P, It could certainly throw both the Intelligent Designers AND the Evolutionists into chaos!

    @ Litlove, Peculiar is a good word for this. I have never seen anything like this before.

    @, Buff, you may be onto something here, even if you have taken the magic out of it 🙂

    @, Linda, I do apologise although I may continue to be your early morning Stephen King 😉


  11. I just got a new camera! Woo-hoo!


  12. yeeehaaaa – Losta new pics, eh?


  13. That’s what I’m planning on. I also set myself up a photoblog:

    Because I obviously don’t have enough blogs as it is.


  14. My camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ8, 5x optical zoom, which is what I really wanted.

    Blogger doesn’t do the pictures justice, but you can click to enlarge. I can see things with this camera I couldn’t see with the naked eye…AND I just got new glasses and I can’t believe how sharper everything looks…


  15. “Because I obviously don’t have enough blogs as it is.”

    Nonsense, you can never have too many blogs. 😉

    It looks good, WC!


  16. @WC, Whoo hoo – looking forward to new photos – and a new blog as well – really spoiling yourself – well done. 🙂

    @ az, Interesting thought – Maybe I need to separate my stuff into different blogs.


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