Making Money

From An Untraditional Home comes this indication that blogs may be worth more than we think.

5 responses to “Making Money

  1. You were quick to grab that. The source site has been deleted, apparently.


  2. Either that or Archie’s popularity brought them too much traffic and overloaded their hosting service.



  3. Actually the source site is down because my hosting service is rotten. It will be back up shortly. Thanks for linking Archie.


  4. WOohoo! Back up. Again thanks for the link.


  5. @ Rain, yep, sure seems I am potent destroyer!

    @ Mike, I wish! And you are quite correct – but why ruin a perfectly good photo with the facts?

    @ Heather, Whew, and I was blaming myself! No problems with the link 🙂 They are the lifeblood of the Blogipelago.


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