Coral Bay 2008 #7 (A Daddy P Free Zone)

Sometimes it is a hard life at Coral Bay. This is why I do not recommend it for people like the aged and decrepit Daddy P. It could lead to severe heart palpitations and nasty head wounds inflicted by Lo, she IS a Terrible Goddess.

Even taking a walk along the beach is fraught with danger. To be suddenly confronted, as one views the world through a camera viewfinder, with unexpected sights like this is disconcerting.

Even on deserted beaches these distractions from the waves and avian life are inescapable.

Even after they have walked past there is a possibility of them accidentally getting in the way of the camera.

There are even times when non-vertical distractions appear. These are the most dangerous times of all!

Of course, eventually, the birds will all rise up and run the careless photographer off the beach.

Then there are the times when it is far better to remove the eye from the viewfinder and actually look at where you are putting your feet.

This is a young gwarda, an extremely poisonous snake which was hiding beneath a rock I walked on! It wasn’t happy.

It is always best to keep your eyes open when at Coral Bay. Every paradise has its serpents.

8 responses to “Coral Bay 2008 #7 (A Daddy P Free Zone)

  1. ooooh, blinkin ‘eck, a snake!!! Watch out!


  2. Serves you right, you ogler! What goes around comes around, remember … if that wriggly had bitten you it would have been just payment for taking photos without permission!


  3. @ Truce, That is not quite what I said 🙂

    @ Buff – don’t need permission to photograph people – there are some interesting laws and stuff and there are even more interesting myths! Public is public! It is concealed photography which is frowned upon.


  4. Look, beached whales!


  5. I’m just having a little lie down. It might look like I’m hiding with the odd peep at peeps but I’m here for health reasons.
    If anyone asks – you haven’t seen me.
    De dum de dum de dum de dum ……………………


  6. @ Rain, there were very few anorexic stick insects on display. Most were real women with real curves 🙂

    Not @ Daddy P, I didn’t hear or see a thing – – –


  7. “…. It is always best to keep your eyes open when at Coral Bay. Every paradise has its serpents”

    It’s the Serpents with 2 legs that we should be afraid of


  8. I can honestly say I am not always in – or on – the grass


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