Free Beijing Olympics

Found in our local give-away paper, I may use this several times in the lead-up to 08.08.08.

I don’t support an athlete boycott of the Olympics while we continue to trade with the country.

Then again, this would be an ideal opportunity for our elected leaders to show some morality and refuse to attend the Opening or Closing ceremonies.

The Chinese are very affected by “face” and the loss of face caused by such a threatened non-attendance by their peers could well instigate more change in China’s government than any number of athletes not attending.

Of course China has had the world’s worst human rights record for thousands of years. The famous Walls were built by labour forced from their homes in Southern China to the Northern borders. The human cost was estimated at one dead worker per metre of wall. There were around 10, 000 kilometres of wall built!

A few extra million dead in Tibet is simply a matter of accounting. And moving in replacements from elsewhere.

Now I bid farewell to my readers in China as I will almost certainly be banned in your country now.

3 responses to “Free Beijing Olympics

  1. Oh, I am so pissy about the 2010 winter games being held in Vancouver. I have to do a post on it soon because something really angered me today…


  2. Is the opening ceremony going to be held in Tianamen Square???


  3. Not even the Chinese could be THAT insensitive, surely!


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