Odd Shot #6

Here in Coral Bay there is much to see and a few little things which are odd.

While paddling my canoe on Saturday I spotted a table at the bottom of some remote sand dunes.

Someone had forgotten it.

On Sunday they forgot it again!

Very, very odd!

5 responses to “Odd Shot #6

  1. That is odd. The other day on my way to school I passed a walker (as in elderly or disabled need to get around) in the middle of a farm field. Although not worth a swing back around on the freeway, it would have been worth pulling over for a picture. I watched, but it was not there this morning. They did not forget it. But I wonder–it was odd that it was there. I wonder–will someone come back for their table?


  2. Nice to see you, even if you do seem to be running on “holiday time”!

    All on its own in the middle of nowhere – poor neglected table! It needs a pair of chairs and a bottle of wine.


  3. That’s right Dragonstar. All we need is a pair of chairs, a bottle of wine and for lunch we can eat the sandwiches there.

    (That was for you, Buff. Couldn’t resist.)


  4. …and after you’re dune you can wash up on shore and fix up your hair with the brush.


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