Ugly Moth

When I read Jabberwocky I always have this urge to visualise a Mome Rath as some giant mothish creature.

When I saw this on my ceiling last night I thought there might be some hidden beauty within its wings.

Instead I found this warty creature with no colour and no redeeming features.

So totally Gothy Emo.

I spent the rest of the night lying awake in dread, waiting to be outgrabed!

10 responses to “Ugly Moth

  1. Oh no … Archie, that’s beautiful! It doesn’t have to be a riot of colour to be beautiful. Butterflies are beautiful, I grant that, but this moth is also beautiful. I love the frilled edge to the wings and the appearance of “lace” on the wings.


  2. I agree with Buff – its beautifully camouflaged, just imagine it sitting on a piece of bark, it would disappear 🙂

    Also, I love the fluttery noise that moths make as they fly.


  3. I can deal with snakes, spiders, biting dogs and charging bulls but not – moths. Dives under the bedclothes yelling “Peabrain, help!”

    (whisper, how big is it?)


  4. Moths always look kind of ‘prehistoric’ to me, and I find them awesome rather than scary. And not ugly at all. But they either are easily hypnotised or have a death wish (or the cats sprout wings?) because every time I go to bed with one of those huge monsters on the ceiling I find it dead on the floor the next morning.


  5. What’s my wife doing over here? ……….. tsk


  6. @ Buff & Truce, I suppose beauty is in the eye of the beholder – I find arachnids quite enjoyable sights – – –

    @ aniche, I agree!

    @ Lo,TG, Welcome to the archive. I am honoured. Can peabrain deal with these nasties?

    @ az, so, have you ever been outgrabed?

    @ Daddy P, We are just good friends – honest.


  7. Nope. Perhaps that’s what the cats are protecting me from and why the moths always end up dead, Archie?

    Still doesn’t explain why the same thing happens to geckos on the ceiling though…


  8. No, it doesn’t – geckos don’t outgrabe!


  9. Flying Mud. That’s what it looks like to me…


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