Triage Troubles

A woman who possibly wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box went to the hospital. She said to the receptionist, “I’ve come to see the uptern.”

The receptionist said, “Uptern? I don’t understand.”

The prospective patient replied, “The uptern. I’ve come to see the uptern.”

“Ahh,” said the receptionist, “I think you mean the INtern.”

“Well that could be,” replied the woman, “I’ve come for a contamination.”

“Maybe you mean an examination.”

“Yes that’s possible. I definitely want to go to the eternity ward.”

By now the receptionist was getting into the swing of things. “I think you mean the maternity ward.”

The woman got a bit stroppy at this continual correction and burst out with, “Look, I’m getting all confused here between upterns, interns, contaminations, examinations eternity wards and maternity wards. All know is that I haven’t demonstrated for three weeks and I think I’m fragrant!”

7 responses to “Triage Troubles

  1. oddly, i found it funny 😯


  2. I know. I was caught in the wordplay but also realised it was not quite PC 🙂


  3. Here in the States she thought she was stagnant.


  4. Sounds remarkably like that fellow who is pregnant … I really would have attributed this to a male rather than a female, even a blonde one.


  5. I hear this sort of conversation all the time. Then again, I *am* going deaf.


  6. I’m sure that would be “selective deafness” Mike … much wiser. And safer …


  7. @ Cybe, Yes, I have heard that version as well 🙂

    @ Mike, Best way to be – a bit of deafness is always an advantage – providing you never answer “Yes” 🙂

    @ Buff, That is for dealing with kids 🙂


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