‘Neath Canning Bridge

One of the few large wooden bridges left on a major thoroughfare in metropolitan Perth.

At the confluence of the Canning and Swan rivers.

With a water main down the middle.

9 responses to “‘Neath Canning Bridge

  1. Very, very cool shot!


  2. indeed! and thanks for the inadvertent link on which I will now blow the Technorati ratings out the arse end of the known universe with this comment.


    ahhhh kleck cough cough heh heeckkk


  3. @ WC, Thanks, I was lucky enough to travel beneath the bridge and so was able to get the right angle. The sunlight was a bonus 🙂

    @ neath, I have done a number of bridges before – and invoked your name with them 🙂
    Bouvard Bridge,
    Pinjarra Bridge,
    Windan Bridge
    . I have another “neath a bridge” in my “draft’s” list and it will be posted sometime next week.

    I hope that cold gets better.


  4. Wooden bridges? Now this has got me thinking. I wonder if there are any here in UK?


  5. Here in Australia we were blessed with a termite-proof hardwood (Karri) which made consruction in wood quite viable for long term projects. It would be interesting to see any wooden bridges you find in Britain.


  6. Very nice, Thanks!


  7. This is beautiful!


  8. Thanks, Rebecca. The right place at the right time always helps 🙂


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