Photo Hunt #104; Glass

This was again an interesting challenge. We often photograph through glass, sometimes we use a reflection on glass but I had nothing in my collection which was satisfying. So I found another source of Glass.

I have quite a collection of dragons. Most of them are regulation dragons, of pewter or gold or stone. Amongst them are three glass dragons.

These first two are laser-created inside glass blocks. Very hard to photograph because the glass keeps attracting any dust in the air.

This is my pugilistic glass dragon. Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Hark, I hear the bell for round one. He is ready for a dust-up!

pugilistic dragon

This is my stary starry glass dragon who has quite a hoard but is always looking for more gems to steal from any unwary dwarves.

stary starry dragon

Lastly, here is my sinuous Eastern dragon. He is a white dragon cut into the surface of a glass block. The White Dragon [Bailong 白龍] aids spirits and virtuous kings. This is a virtuous, vitreous White Dragon.

And while I may sometimes be virtuous, I am never royalty.

sinuous Chinese dragon

26 responses to “Photo Hunt #104; Glass

  1. great entries for this week’s hunt!

    happy hunting!


  2. Fabulous dragon shots!

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Those are lovely dragons! Just beautiful. 🙂 Wonderful photos for the Hunt!


  4. Those are great dragons. My other half would love them!


  5. Someone’s got to be really patient to produce beautiful things like these. By dragon I remember Hagrid of Harry Potter.


  6. Great photos! Those are just beautiful dragons.
    Have a great weekend!


  7. AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! I love them all (= happy weekend (=


  8. One word………..AMAZING!!!!

    My ‘glass’ is shared, I sure hope you can find time to drop by for a visit if you haven’t already.

    Happy Saturday to you, and happy hunting!!!


  9. i am impressed. very impressed. it would be interesting to see the rest of yr collection


  10. Great take on the theme. Exquisite dragons all.


  11. that is some interesting glass, nice photos


  12. Gosh these are great things to own. You and Dragonstar, lovers of dragons. Great photos. Have a good weekend.


  13. I LOVE YOUR DRAGONS!!! I particularly like the Starry Dragon (naturally!)

    Incidentally, you’ve made a great job of photographing them.


  14. Great collection for the week! Happy weekend.


  15. I agree re Oz Shiraz – it is in a category of its own. Israeli wines, the best ones at least, became quite good in the last ten years, and are different. But some of them should be aired for a while.


  16. Nice shots and a great take on the theme! I love those dragons!


  17. Is the bottom dragon standing on his head? Or has he been photographed that way for northern hemishpere readers? 🙂


  18. Thank you everyone for your kind comments.

    Mike – I wondered who would be the first to spot that 🙂


  19. Your dragons are wonderful. I like the white dragon best.


  20. Great collection of dragons 🙂 I showed my son these and he was pretty thrilled! Thanks for sharing.
    Have a good week ahead!


  21. Great set of photos for Glass, I like the starry dragon best.


  22. These are great. Terrific picks for our “glass” theme and so interesting to look at.

    I like the t-shirt I’ve seem which says, “Do not mettle in the affairs of dragons…for you are tasty and good with ketchup.” I’ve always wanted to buy one.

    Great job on the hunt.


  23. that last one looks like its upside down??


  24. Thanks everyone 🙂

    Yes, Truce. It is indeed upside down – I was carelesstesting my readers.


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