Duck Duck

Sorry, Mr Duck, I’m pekin – – –


7 responses to “Duck Duck

  1. i’m surprised you didn’t call it “exposed tail” to see what that does to the ol’ blog stats!

    I didn’t think of that 🙂


  2. I love ducks! They’re one of my favourite birds!

    Ducks is fun – all that clatter and noise as they take off and land 🙂


  3. Coyotes live in deserts, don’t they? How come they’ve got ducks in deserts? 😉

    Some ducks like to warm up 🙂 And some Coyotes don’t live in deserts – – –


  4. I used to know a man called Peter King but everyone called him by his nickname which was “Duck”

    Oh No! That antipodean humour with respect to names is always interesting!


  5. That is one cool shot! Well snapped. They don’t always stay under long so you did well to get this. Very clear.

    Thanks for your explanation of yarra over at David’s blog! An upside down river eh? Now only in Australia… :0)

    I was lucky – that bird kept posing and reposing for me. As for the Yarra, Victorians seem to have this over-inflated opinion of themselves (I know – I married one!) so the rest of us have to put them in their place 🙂


  6. (I do know you were joking. I’m not THAT blonde. What? You mean it really IS upside down? I gotta come see…)

    Fair dinkum, it really is upside down. Even Truthful Jones says so!


  7. Not nearly as upside down as the Todd River in Alice Springs! No, Crazycath … it’s just that other-Staters like Western Australians think that because the river is a little cloudy it flows upside down with the mud on top … it’s not actually true. Melbourne is the best of places in Oz and they’re jealous of our culture and restaurants and beaches … so they put down the river which runs through the centre of the city at every opportunity they get.

    You are biased! And once we secede here in the West, you will be deported!


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