Rolling Along

I went for a stroll along the Swan River today.

Others travelled a little faster.


4 responses to “Rolling Along

  1. Me likey that photo ………. were you power strolling?

    I wish – I was wandering along very sedately. I do sedate very well, these days 🙂


  2. Great photo.
    Shutter speed?

    Thanks, Mike. Shutter speed 1/3000 sec, FN Number 5.60, ISO 200, Focal length 28mm, Subject Distance Range “Distant View”

    All basically preset by Pentax and I had it on the “moving athlete preset” on the dumbo’s button on top 🙂

    And the bike was doing around 15-20Kmh


  3. Archie: You are rolling along now with MyBlogLog. How does this differ from your Blogroll? You like it? Curious in Seattle.

    It is useful to know who has been visiting. – that is its only benefit as far as I can see – but then I am only a pretend geek 🙂


  4. Beautiful!

    I was attracted by the shadows and then the technical problems of getting a sharp image – it was instructive.


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