Photo Hunt #103; High

High is all a matter of perspective.

The Shaw River in Australia’s mainly desert Pilbara region was a little high after a cyclone had passed through.


The bricklayer who added the final bricks on this brick kiln chimney was pretty high up.


Torn between two cultures, this Martu tribesman from the Great Sandy Desert was high up on one of the landmark hills of his ancestors as he looked across his “country”; the land to which he belongs.


But for really, really high, I guess you have to look at something like this.


32 responses to “Photo Hunt #103; High

  1. great shots. I especially like the brick building with its unusual architectural style.

    Thanks, monaco.


  2. great pics , the Moon pic is great, now that’s high! 🙂
    view mine if you wish

    Thanks graham – that moon pic was spoiled by city air pollution – had I taken it in the desert it would have been much whiter


  3. Nice takes on the theme!
    I love the picture of the moon!
    Happy Weekend!

    Thanks, Randi


  4. Thought I’d just pop over to say ‘Hi’

    Hi – did you enjoy the cup of tea? 🙂


  5. A set of beautiful pictures with ‘high’ meaning. Happy weekend (=

    Thanks, pelfy


  6. Oh, all really great shots for this week.

    Happy Weekend.

    Thanks, pat


  7. *sigh* beautiful moon

    I am rather proud of that shot 🙂


  8. Wonderful photos! Those are all great examples of high! Terrific choices for the Hunt!

    Thank you, Dragonheart, Thank you, Merlin purrrrrrrr 🙂


  9. Lovely shots. I am specially intresting in photos from Australia these days. We spoke for just some minutes whith our youngest daughter, she is travelling round yuor country! Today she is in Noon.
    Happy hunting!

    Thank you, Rajson. I hope your daughter is enjoying her travels 🙂


  10. Mice! Active mice!! Great picture, by the way. But there’s mice at play!!!

    Ahh yes – the mice eating the moon – of course they do – they love cheese and the moon IS made of green cheese 🙂


  11. Wonderful shots this week especially on the tribemen 🙂

    Mine are up… Hop in for some fun this weekend in Criz Cats Sanctuary and/or have a look sometimes why need things to be HIGH in Insight Criz.
    Have a nice weekend!

    Thanks CrizLai. Been and visitied – love the cats 🙂


  12. I like all the photos of different ‘high’ themes. But that moon….wow, that takes my breath away.

    My ‘high’ is posted now, if you haven’t visited I hope you can drop by. Happy Weekend!!!

    Thanks, Hootin Annie. I admit to being quite proud of the moon shot 🙂


  13. Good and different photos, as usual – and then you have to cap it all with a (brilliant!) photo of the moon, out-doing absolutely everyone!

    Thank you for the very kind words, Dragonstar 🙂 I admit to suffering the sin of pride for the Moon photo 😦


  14. The last one is the highest of them all 🙂 Happy weekend!

    I hope you can come take a look at my ‘high’.

    Thanks for visiting, Sasha


  15. Great photos! Happy hunting!

    Thanks for visiting, Bahchi


  16. Now the moon is the best choice for this week’s photohunt 😉 Happy weekend!

    Thanks, Adie. I was surprised at how well that shot turned out 🙂


  17. excellent photos

    Thanks Sarge 🙂


  18. Hey sweetie, love these posts. I particularly like a pastel drawing of The Face of The Moon by John Russell.

    That photo is almost exactly the same phase as mine – but from a different hemisphere 🙂


  19. Oh, if only someone would Lasso Me The Moon!

    Smiling now, Thanks for that 🙂


  20. Great photos…. Happy hunting!

    Here is mine John`s Photoblog

    Thanks, John


  21. Those are wonderful photos for the theme.

    Thanks, Nicole


  22. Perfect shots for the theme! Love the last one!

    Thanks, Yen


  23. That shot of the moon is extraordinary!


  24. wonderful pictures!

    happy hunting!

    Thanks, mousey


  25. Great photos! It’s always really interesting to be able to look at some terrific Australian photography. Good onya!

    Thanks, Leslie


  26. Lovely shots. Impossible to pick a favourite.

    PS: Loved your comment on my Verse and Worse post!

    Thanks for visiting, David. I couldn’t help myself with that comment. 🙂


  27. Great shots. Enjoy your weekend.

    Thanks, incog 🙂


  28. All great “highs”. Love the one with the gentleman sitting on the rocks,…. looks like the other gentleman is looking for him. Have a great weekend.

    Thanks “kalt”. By a strange coincidence I was watching a TV program I very rarely see and suddenly a photographer I know was on screen talking about her new book which is all about these people. There is a video of the TV interview at

    Please ignore the 30 seconds of horrible commercial which is inflicted on the unsuspecting viewer at the beginning 😦


  29. What terrific pictures! I tried to get a good one of the moon during the last eclipse here but I didn’t get the clarity of your moon picture – wonderful picture!

    I had to use a tripod and a remote trigger to get that (and a 300mm lens) – I tried hand held but there was always a little shake.


  30. i’m mesmerized by the shots especially the man sitting atop the woods and the moon.
    sorry for the late visit. my PC just came of bypass.

    Morning Sniffles

    Thanks for visiting. Early or late, a visit is always welcome.


  31. Hey Archie, that is a great collection of high photos. In Australia there is either too much or too little water. Have a good week.

    Thanks for that – it was fun putting it together.


  32. What a really nice take on the theme. Great photos!


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