Succulents in Close-Up

Wandering around Buff’s garden the other day, I was struck by how her succulent collection looked close-up.

I find succulents to be boring and often ugly when viewed from a distance yet looking closely, there is beauty in their form and delicate colours.




6 responses to “Succulents in Close-Up

  1. And they grow like weeds and don’t take much water 😉

    And the dogs don’t wreck them – unlike the coleus!


  2. I love succulents. Mostly because its such a great word… 🙂


  3. Mmmmm… juicy!

    I’m not sure if you can chomp on most of these leaves – – –


  4. fabulous photos archie


  5. I agree with you, succulents are beautiful and captivating up close! I love them near or afar, though. We have a native succulent sedum that grows no more than four inches high when blooming and coats flat rock faces with a carpet of yellow this time of year.
    Nice photos!


  6. Thanks, czgyny. There are some beautiful ones out there although it seems there are very few Australian varieties – strange in the driest continent in the world.


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