I Am The Spammer From Hell

I apologise to some of the people who reasonably expect me to comment on their posts.

It seems the WordPress’  anti-spam program “Akismet” has decided I am the Spammer from Hell – or from Nigeria or from the worlds largest pharmaceutical  manufacturers with a viagra sales agenda or from the all the big porn sites at once.

My comments are not even going to “moderation”. They are being dumped straight into the “Spam” basket!

I have no idea how long this problem will last and so I have to hope that some of you will take the time to check your spam list. I, or other WordPress commentators, may be trapped in there.

9 responses to “I Am The Spammer From Hell

  1. Try to comment on my blog, i check it out for you….



  2. You may be on a blacklist, but not likely. If you are posting links in comments, you’re definitely more suspicious than others.Try posting on John’s blog or mine. Sounds like we’ll both let you know if you are a can of SPAM or not.

    Blocked without using a link!


  3. I’m happy to say your comment appeared on my blog.

    And thank you so much for it. I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like and I thought maybe I would lose my regular posting buddies but I’m happy to see you still stop by!

    I am pleased my comment got through on blogspot. I’m also pleased you dropped back into the blogopelago – I missed Mooky 🙂


  4. I am sad to say that you ended up in my SPAM box 😦

    I’ll mark you as non-SPAM, and it may help. Don’t tase me bro!

    You’ve been LOLdogging!


  5. And I loathe Spam! But it appears I’ve been transformed overnight! 😦 I am commenting, just not being accepted!

    I think the problem is slowly sorting itself out – and you are always acceptable


  6. Hope the unspam works for other wordpress sites.

    It all seems to be sorting itself out 🙂


  7. I just found two comments from you in my spam archie. why is wordpress treating you like a naughty boy? have you been misbehaving?

    Maybe they have found out what happened when I first met – – –

    Never mind 😉

    I just found a comment from you in my spam file 😦


  8. Well, if you commented on my blog more than once in a blue moon I might have noticed . . . (hint hint)

    I try, I try – I know – I am very trying – – –


  9. Just wanted to let you know you aren’t alone in this spamming mess. I’m having the problem, too. However, You probably won’t get this comment unless you check your spam page.

    I just needed to vent!


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