Sculpture By The Sea #7

The last in this series, I want to leave Cottesloe on a positive note.

So here are some of the works I enjoyed.

Firstly a work in stone which, to me, has everything I look for in a sculpture. It has tension and tells a story. This is something I can identify with.

Although, at $46,000 I think I will let someone else have it.


This next I like in spite of itself. The large curve, striving for “up-ed-ness”.

Then I found it was a seed which had washed ashore and was a “New Beginning”.

So while I went, “Hmm!” and passed by, I remained enamoured of the shape.


Finally something which is so crass that it has an innate beauty. I cannot resist liking this installation.

Steel, fibreglass, styrene and paint. Along with a comment about the state of the world.

“The words compassion and dignity are totally missing from international dialogue in 2008. This holds true of almost all world leaders, religions and political persuasions.”

The final touch is the triple pun in its title.

“Peas on Earth”


As always it is best to allow nature to have the final word.

As I left the groyne where the above installation was placed, I found, hidden away in the limestone cliffs which face the beach, the following, which may or may not be a valid comment on the works of Homo Sap.


5 responses to “Sculpture By The Sea #7

  1. Thanls for posting these, they’re great!

    Thank you for visiting, Rick.


  2. I would guess Mother Nature has more of a sense of humour than that displayed by the recent art critic! LOL I do love her minimalistic approach to her subject and the downward trend of the subject matter.

    In nature, everything is reduced to essentials – – –


  3. Ha!

    *agrees with Buff*

    Hmmmpppphhhhh – [wanders off grumbling]


  4. I really like the crowbar blokes.
    The last one is a real well hung cliff hanger…

    Tasmaniac, that is very naughty of you. Erecting a mountain of puns like that makes it very hard for me!


  5. we share afflictions…..


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