Yachting on the Swan #4

For teh spectator, there are long gaps in watching a sailboat race.

Although, with a camera in hand there is never a moment wasted.

There are always challenges and unusual angles to find as well as surroundings to frame.

I happened to glance down at the jetty I was standing on and was struck by the different surfaces on which I was standing. Thirty, fifty maybe even eighty years worth of old and new wooden planks. With the river glinting between. I was also struck by the different screws and bolts used as fasteners.


The water was always changing and I am fascinated by the shape of the waves left in the wake of the larger power boats.  These had passed me and were heading for shore.


Then I wondered about what was underneath the jetty, so I walked back to the shore and looked. The reeds  made a great reflection in this sheltered little space.


All the while, I was keeping an eye on the racing and they were getting closer to the finish with their second-last turn, back into the now very strong sea gale. This was the middle of the fleet and some were having difficulties.


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