Yachting on the Swan #3

As I mentioned in the previous post on this subject, the sea breeze was beginning to blow.

It became stronger; the more the afternoon wore on, the harder the breeze blew until it was close to 20-25 knots.

For some of the competitors it became a real challenge!


Lasers seem to be fairly easy to right after a slight miscalculation.


For others, in the mirror-class fleet, the downwind legs were sheer fun. Tiny spinnakers proudly set and skimming across the waves on their return from Windan Bridge.


2 responses to “Yachting on the Swan #3

  1. Oh, this makes me sooooo envious! I just love sailing … although I did mine in a Tamar Class on the Derwent River, this is just so similar it makes me very nostalgic.

    Even to the falling over? 🙂

    And you wonder why I was terrified when you were skippering me!


  2. flipping over a ‘pop up’ boat is half the fun! it you don’t dump one, you’ll never learn where the edge is! yee haw! this looks like fun…

    In my youth I would have agreed with you, daisy. Now I am an old curmudgeon I find myself grumping to hide my envy of youth.


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