Sculpture By The Sea #5

The modern definition of good sculpture seems to rely on the infinitely meaningless word “interaction”.

I’m afraid my definition of interaction does not include standing, looking at an object and scratching my head trying to work out just what was going through the conman artist’s brain as he created whatever-the-hell-it-is.

Today, as promised, I am highlighting not one, but two of the artworks which allowed me, and others, to relate to and “interact” with in a “meaningful” way.

[AAAgghhhhh – I’ve been infected by art-speak]

Firstly there is the deceptively simple “sticks” which is still overpriced at $3,300 despite the artistic twattishness of its description; This ephemeral sculpture endeavours to work harmoniously with Mother Nature to allow the soul of the stick materials and the site to “speak”.

At least it allowed a space to play for the young and the young at heart. I enjoyed seeing them enjoy themselves.




Completely different is “Through the Looking Glass”.

Reminding me of those security windows in stores which have narrow viewing slats from the manager’s side yet appear to be a mirror from the potential thief’s customer’s side.

At least a – what is the user of a sculture? A customer, a viewer, a client? – can have fun here, finding the mirror segment which is reflecting some of “self”. I found my jeans-encased legs high on the left hand side. I liked the way you could see through it to the sea and even to a boat beyond.



So there were parts of this exhibition which I enjoyed.

The bad news is that tomorrow you get some more of the pretentious, the clumsy and the plain bad!

4 responses to “Sculpture By The Sea #5

  1. i really like the top one but “souls of the sticks”? give me a break

    I know – pretentious words for a children’s playground.


  2. ‘I’m afraid my definition of interaction does not include standing, looking at an object and scratching my head trying to work out just what was going through the conman artist’s brain as he created whatever-the-hell-it-is’

    Ah yes, I too agree with you. I only want to deal with things that don’t need time to work out or bother to have to think about. This includes all aspects of my life. I would rather not think about anything, because that would require a level of criticism rather then just brushing something off.
    We have a lot in common it seems!
    (not saying this sculpture did have a strong and apparent meaning to it, but things cannot be brushed over that easily.) Unless you don’t have the criticality to think about it.

    Welcome to the archive. I have found, in my uneducated way, that I have a visceral reaction to art. I like some, I loathe some. There are times and subjects where I can explain my loathing. Rap music is one. Dickens is another. Jackson Pollock is right up there as well. I do think about the work itself. The finished product. This does not need a pathetic collection of words justifying the work. For a pathetic collection of words I only need look at my own attempts at poetry. No, what I demand is an instant reaction to the wannabee civic art. After all, I am next going to see it, in passing, as I walk into my local council offices to pay the dog license. Or picketing the local strip mining company because it wants to destroy some of the environment I need to live in. I can imagine no worse punishment for revealing my green tendencies that being forced to look at “and then I heard this noise” for hours on end! And those green tendencies have been thought out! Deeply.


  3. I rather like art that makes you wonder and think critically. it’s the elitist art-speak that annoys me and often it’s the least interesting pieces that have the crappiest attached statements.

    really good work speaks for itself

    Whew, someone with whom I can agree. If the art doesn’t speak to my by itself, I dismiss it. When I see it in situ in a year or two or ten, I will not have the artist’s pretentious notes to guide me.


  4. Actually, I love the bottom one. Seriously, the world should gift me with riches so that I can indulge in purchasing art of this nutty flavour.

    Yes, that was one of my favourites. I will be interested to see your reaction to tomorrow’s selection.


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