Sculpture By The Sea #3

Despite my general disappointment with this display, there were a few satisfying sights.

Walking onto the groyne  I suddenly realised I was being watched.

By an entity much more benign than a CCTV camera. Curiously named “evolution” by its creator, local artist David Carstairs, it smiles at everyone walking past.

Although, at $6,600 for this Cheshire-Cat-like metallic caricature, perhaps the cameras would be better value.


5 responses to “Sculpture By The Sea #3

  1. That’s really cool! I love it!


  2. at least this one made me smile!

    It is a happy piece, isn’t it.


  3. i like this one too!

    also I didn’t realise that perth had a sculpture by the sea festival too. do you know we have one in sydney? ours is later in the year though

    I hadn’t realised till I googled SbtS the other day. Then I found out that Bondi also hosts one later in the year. It’s a good idea, even if some of the artists think they have to do strange stuff.


  4. yeah people go gaga over SbtS in sydney. I’ve stopped even going to it now, it’s always crowded with tourists and a lot of the work is faintly embarrassing.

    though one year someone sculpted a beautiful marble couch. i think it won first prize, but it was an outstanding piece and deserved all the accolades

    I think there are always one or two good works in these exhibitions (and this was heavily attended as well) but that does not excuse the mediocrity of the majority of installations!


  5. glad you like it! thank gawd someone bought it, now i can pay the bills!


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