Odd Shots on Monday #1

Some of you may have noticed the new logo in my sidebar.

Odd Shots.

A chance to display some of those “odd” sights which I photograph.

Here is a magnificent stairway leading to – – –

Hmmmm –  Odd, isn’t it  🙂


13 responses to “Odd Shots on Monday #1

  1. How bizarre is that! There must be a good history attached to that staircase – what a short story it would make!

    The building is the original Western Australian Museum. There is probably a story of bureaucracy involved 🙂


  2. Ha!! Believe it or not… when we bought our home the back steps led right up to a big picture window… turned out the wife was afraid of the ease firefighters (her husband is a fireman) gained access through her sliding glass doors when she locked herself out. We have replaced the picture window with a door. I can so appreciate that shot… wonder what the story is…

    I have often noticed doors on upper floors which are now permanently closed – especially when the building next door has been demolished (Here in Perth we do a lot of demolishing! 😦


  3. How funny .. I guess there must have been a door there once upon a time ..

    I think there was – and I think I may have used it as a child, over half a century ago 🙂


  4. Oh my gosh i had my first laugh this morning. What a great find

    Thanks, Lilli


  5. Hahaha! Odd indeed!

    Indeed 🙂


  6. Yes, U think the bottom windows and cement were added later. I bet they put in a ramp elsewhere because the steps were too cumbersome to manage for their older people. Great catch tho!

    They added an entrance right around the other side of the building.


  7. That certainly fits the Odd Shot theme! Wonderful what you can find.

    Thanks, Dragonstar. Being my first entry, I wasn’t sure 🙂


  8. The grand staircase that led nowhere… Nice catch!

    I can almost see the debutantes sweeping down – but from where 🙂


  9. Hmmm…
    Odd & Odder….
    I love your blog, putting you on my blogroll
    Tony 🙂

    Thanks for the linklove – responded in kind – you have an interesting blog yourself.


  10. A staircase to nowhere! Welcome to Odd Shots! You belong here.

    Thanks for the welcome, Katney.


  11. Now it is a stairway to nowhere! Love this “odd” shot!

    Thanks, diane


  12. There’s a lady who knows all that glitters is gold and she’s climbing a stairway to…… er..

    Yaaaaaa – Good one! 🙂


  13. ha! that is odd indeed. I wonder how many people have walked up those stairs only to be disappointed not to find a door? 😉

    I remember a door being there but now that it is gone I am stunned that teh staircase remains


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